Borough of South Bethlehem, PA

Northampton  Co.

 The following is taken from a book published in 1923.

     "South Bethlehem was for so many years a borough of importance and enterprise that its history would demand individual treatment if it had not always been essentially an integral part of Greater Bethlehem. Up to the formation of the City of Bethlehem in 1918, it was larger than the parent borough and, as the location of the steel works, it always was the economic back bone of the community.

     In 1847 the Moravian Congregation sold four farms on the south side of the Lehigh River, one of them to Charles Augustus Luckenbach. In 1852 he laid out a town plot. Lewis A. Peysert bought the first lot, 40 by 176 feet, for $200. The following year a few dwellings were put up. The town that developed was called Augusta, then Wetherill, then Bethlehem South and then South Bethlehem.

     Industry soon began. Samuel Wetherill, of Philadelphia, bought four acres for the Lehigh Zinc Company and started a plant in 1853. Asa Packer, of Mauch Chunk, bought 35 acres for the Lehigh Valley Railroad. The first Lehigh Valley train ran in 1855. The North Penn Railroad, from Philadelphia to Bethlehem, was completed in 1857. A "union depot" was built by both roads in 1867 on the side of the Crown Inn, of Revolutionary days.

     In 1851 August Fiot, a Frenchman, built an estate on the outskirts of South Bethlehem. Fountain Hill, so named because of the numerous springs flowing out along the mountain, was laid out as a town site in 1854. In became and continues today a separate borough."

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