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Bethlehem, PA History- This page has various links to the history of Bethlehem, PA
Bethlehem Public Library - All the information on these pages could not have been assembled without the Library
Bethlehem Steel--A Brief Chronology - If you're researching someone who worked in the "iron mills" this is a brief description of how the company developed starting in 1857.  It will take you back to a time when Bethlehem Steel WAS Bethlehem Steel.  
Cathedral Church of the Nativity - Located in South Bethlehem, the first service in the building was on Christmas Day 1864.
Christ Church United Church of Christ , Bethlehem, PA - This Church came into existence in 1849 in Bethlehem Borough 
First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem, PA - This Church was started in 1875 in Bethlehem Borough
Holy Trinity Church, Catasauqua, PA - This Church was begun in 1896 by a group of Orthodox immigrants.   St. Nicholas parish in South Bethlehem, had its start when Holy Trinity established a mission on the south side of Bethlehem.  
Lehigh University
Liberty High School - Liberty was opened in 1923. The children of 1890 did not go to this school, but their grandchildren did.
Moravian Church Genealogy Links - Links to many organizations and family names that can help you find your "Moravian  Connection". 
St. John's Windish Evangelical Lutheran Church, South Bethlehem, PA - According to this page, "the congregation was founded in 1910 by immigrants from a region of what is now modern day Slovenia in the former Yugoslavia. In Bethlehem, this ethnic group is known as "the Windish." It is the only Windish Evangelical Lutheran Church in the U.S.  
St. Luke's Hospital
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, South Bethlehem, PA  - This Church was founded to tend the spiritual needs of Russian immigrants in South Bethlehem, PA around 1914.  
St. Paul's Church, Indianland, Lehigh Township - established about 1756.
St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church - St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded in 1863 by a small group of German Lutherans in South Bethlehem, PA.
Trinity Episcopal Church - Located on the North side of the Lehigh River in Bethlehem Borough, the cornerstone for the new church was laid in August 1871.
Frank Ardiuni's Chart on Cousinhood - Did you ever wonder just exactly how your grandfather's brother's daughter was related to you?  And  what about cousin Henry?  Is he your second cousin, or is he your cousin once removed?  Great Aunt Millie is really great, but is she really your Great Aunt? All these questions have been answered by Frank Ardiuni and his interesting chart on cousinhood.

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